"Dave found a fundamental flaw in my swing within minutes which other instructors had never identified. Now I am on my way to resolving the issue and am hitting the ball much better."
          Jim S.
          Colorado Springs, CO

"With the drills and the explanation of the mechanics of the swing I know my swing is getting better. After being a mid-90's, slicing golfer for the past ten years I am now anxiously practicing knowing that the 80's and better will be a reality."
          Mike H.
          Highlands Ranch, CO

"We are very proud of Alisa. She won top five in two of the three categories at the Drive, Chip, and Putt. There was approximately 60 kids in her age group (probably 5-1 boys). She won medals in chipping and long drive. We credit much of her success with the changes you have made."
          Brad L..
          Colorado Springs, CO

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