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RoboKaddy Titanium $1299 Includes S&H


   Air Tire Upgrade



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Compare with MGI Navigator & Lectronic DynaSteer

The neatest, lightest, powered cart that obeys your every command by remote control. You simply direct operations via the pocket sized transmitter, while two whisper quiet motors drive the independently controlled rear wheels.

Just as impressive is that the whole, super lightweight AMST alloy unit folds up completely in a few seconds to store easily in the trunk of the car. For the ultimate in ease and maneuverability on course, you won't find a better caddy than the RoboKaddy.

The pocket sized handset transmits your instructions: forward, left, right, faster, slower, stop or emergency stop.  It's equally maneuverable in reverse - no other remote controlled cart has the ability to reverse.

A green and red diagnostic LED light in the handset combined with two on the cart constantly check communication between the handset and the RoboKaddy.

Two clicks and the RoboKaddy folds and unfolds completely in seconds.  Tough, lightweight AMST alloy chassis.  Centrally mounted high power 28/30ampH battery with neat carry case.  Low profile, quick release sport wheels.  Each of the rear wheels is powered by its independently controlled motor.

The battery is the power source for the RoboKaddy golf cart. PowaKaddy use the best battery technology available. These lead-acid cyclic batteries use the latest technology to immobilize the electrolyte in the battery. This makes them very safe to use and maintenance free for their whole serviceable life.

The charger supplied with the RoboKaddy is specially designed to charge the battery at optimum levels. The unit is very simple to use. With the latest state-of-the-art switch mode technology, the charger is double insulated and features reverse polarity protection.

The RoboKaddy Titanium is also available with 4-ply pneumatic tires.  These tires are a must have for extra rugged courses and hilly terrain.

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