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MGI Navigator with
   Remote Control
   Belt Clip
   Umbrella Holder
   Sand/Seed Holder & Bucket
   Nylon Battery Bag
   Battery Charger

   FREE Seat - $95 Value
      (limited quantities)
   S&H Included

SALE: $1399
MSRP: $1495


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The MGI Navigator is the most advanced motor caddie the world has ever seen - the exclusive Electronic Compass provides a fixed point navigational system that is a world first - you really will Enjoy The Walk.

The electronic compass navigation system allows the MGI Navigator to defy gravity like no other kaddy on the market today.  If your kaddy is driving on any side hill at all, gravity will cause it to drift towards the low spot of the hill.  This causes you to constantly make steering adjustments with your remote control in order to keep the kaddy on a straight path.  Not with the MGI Navigator!  It is the only kaddy with an electronic compass navigation system that will automatically monitor it's direction and steer itself to maintain a straight path.  This allows you to focus more on your golf game and less on trying to keep your kaddy on the course.  As the old saying goes, straight never hurts you in golf.  Now if we could just get this system into the golf ball...

MGI Navigator Features

  • Fully remote, fully maneuverable, fully in control
  • Left turn, right turn , straight ahead and stop instructions can be given using either the handle bar controls or the user-friendly remote control
  • Separate 140 watt motors driving each wheel, together with on-board electronic compass ensures the remote controlled fixed point navigation system works effectively
  • On-board compass that understands both tilt angles and directional readings at the same time
  • Retractable 4th wheel stabilizer and 24" wide wheel track provides added stability on all types of terrain
  • Complete with 31 Ahr dry-cell battery, battery charger and battery cover with convenient lifting straps
  • Steel 'A' frame with aluminum single piece fold down handle
  • Exclusive 360 degree rotating front wheel ensures easy maneuverability for bag and buggy
  • Front end suspension system provides smoother ride
Top Control Box and remote control with onboard compass and programmable features for personal use
Front suspension for fluid ride
Rotating front wheel for maximum maneuverability
Retractable 4th wheel stabilizer

MGI Standard Features

  • 'T' bar handle and stylish control panel provide easy maneuvering and efficient control
  • Low Battery warning light indicator
  • 'Fail-safe' Battery connection ensures buggy will not start moving until switched on
  • Steel seed bottle holder provides easy to use, no spill storage
  • Rear wheels have quick release tags for easy removal
  • 24 month comprehensive warranty (parts and labor) on motor, gearbox and frame plus a 12 month warranty on all other parts including battery and charger
  • Just 11" high when folded down and can be stacked vertically for easy storage

Optional Accessories

  • Padded seat accessory with lined storage box for your golfing needs
  • 64" Windefeyer Umbrella in your choice of colors
  • Large Heavy Duty Carry Bag - ideal way to store your kaddy

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