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Can/Bottle Holder:  Unique gyro action design ensures drinks are always upright.  Fits all models. $29

Lectronic Hill Tamer: Ensure superior stability on your Remote or Traditional Kaddy. $85

Lectronic Swivel Clip:  Add this to your remote control hand held transmitter for "quick draw convenience. $10

Lectronic Kaddy Basket:  For use on any Remote Control model.  Support bracket remains permanently attached to the Kaddy handle.  Basket is quickly and easily attached or detached. $80

Lectronic TS-1 Seat: Spring loaded mechanism.  Seat is quickly removed for storage or transportation. $80

Lectronic TS-1 Deluxe Lower Bag Bracket:  Add this deluxe lower bag support to your TS-1.  Fits over the standard support and is secured with hardware supplied.  Note: requires drilling of holes in the Kaddy frame. $20
Lectronic TS-1 Hill Tamer:  Add stability to your Kaddy on the toughest terrain.  This ingenious spring assisted stabilizing wheel will assemble to any TS-1 model.  $60

Lectronic TS-1 Kaddy Kontrol - Timer Kit:  Replace the speed control assembly on your TS-1 with a programmable timer and speed control.  Touch pad functions for on/off, speed control and stop.  Program the distance setting for 20, 40, or 60 yards for hands free operation.


Lectronic TS-1 Kaddy Kontrol/Hilltamer Combination:  Save by purchasing these items as a package.



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