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Hinton Golf carries three different brands of kaddies with each brand offering between four and seven models for a total of 16 models.  The choices are a little overwhelming at times.  In order to help narrow down the choices a bit, I am providing this simple buying guide.  While it doesn't compare every feature of every kaddy it does attempt to highlight the differentiating features to help narrow the decision making process.


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  MGI Kaddies PowaKaddy Lectronic Kaddy Bat-Caddy
Manufactured Australia UK Canada Asia
Warranty  - 2 Year Kaddy
 - 1 Year Battery/ Charger
2 Year 2 Year  - 1 Year Kaddy
 - 6 Month Battery/Charger

Remote vs. Manual

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The first major decision is whether to purchase a remote controlled or a manual kaddy.  The remote controlled kaddies are the best choice if it fits into your budget.  They generally run from about $1100 to $1400 depending on the model and options.  The nice thing about remote is that you never chase the kaddy, the kaddy always comes to you.  For example, if you want to walk across a green, tee box, or help someone find a ball in a hazard you can drive your cart remotely down the path or fairway and meet up with it at your ball.  This freedom is what the motorized kaddy is all about.

If the remote kaddy doesn't fit your budget but you don't want to push, pull, or carry your clubs then the manual kaddy may be the perfect fit.  They run from about $550 to $950 depending on the model and options.  They relieve you of the physical burdens of getting your clubs around the course but don't provide the ultimate freedom of movement of the remote controlled kaddies.

Another consideration is your personal attention span.  If you tend to get distracted easily the remote kaddy may not be for you.  While it offers a lot of freedom but it requires the operator to be attentive to the kaddy.  Every once in a while someone will run a remote kaddy into a lake while having a conversation with his golfing buddies.  The manual kaddy is a good option if you want to save your energy and don't mind steering the kaddy with the handle.

Remote Kaddies

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Each manufacturer offers one remote controlled model:  MGI Navigator, PowaKaddy RoboKaddy, & Lectronic Dynasteer.

The MGI Navigator is the most feature rich kaddy on the market.  It includes a progressive turning system that gradually slows one wheel for smoother turns, thus avoiding potential over steering issues.  The front wheel includes suspension and pivots 360 degrees for a smoother ride.  It also includes an onboard compass that monitors the current direction and controls the wheels to maintain the original direction.  This is a great feature when driving on a side hill or the kaddy hits a bump that throws it off it's original direction.  The Navigator automatically corrects!

The PowaKaddy RoboKaddy has been described by my customers as the "sport utility" of motorized kaddies.  Equipped with the optional air tires it climbs almost any hill even on wet turf.  It is also the only motorized kaddy that includes reverse!  If you happen to drive it up against a tree you can just press reverse and get out of trouble quickly;  hopefully before your playing partners spot your troubles.

The Lectronic DynaSteer is the least expensive entry level remote controlled kaddy.  While it may not have an onboard compass or reverse it is a good basic remote controlled kaddy.  It actually disassembles into three pieces for storage and transport.  The nice thing about the three piece breakdown is that it requires less space to store and transport and it is easier to lift the individual pieces than the entire cart.  The DynaSteer offers a full featured keypad control on the kaddy which includes all the features found on the manually controlled carts.
  MGI Navigator PowaKaddy RoboKaddy Lectronic DynaSteer
Remote Features Navigation On/Off
Forward/Speed Up
Slow Down
Forward/Speed Up
Reverse/Slow Down
Forward/Speed Up
Breakdown/Setup One Piece Fold Up One Piece Fold Up Three Piece Assembly
Steering Progressive Turning - gradually slows one wheel - nice to avoid over steering Immediate Turning - stops one wheel Progressive Turning - gradually slows one wheel - nice to avoid over steering
Navigational Tracking Onboard compass that automatically corrects tracking on side hills and other course correction errors None None
Wheels Sport Sport or Air Sport
Battery Indicator Yes No Yes
Weight Kaddy - 32 lbs
Battery - 24 lbs
Kaddy - 26 lbs
Battery - 24 lbs
Kaddy - 20 lbs
    (heaviest piece)
Battery - 24 lbs
Storage Size (folded or broken down) 33" x 24" x 11" 33" x 28" x 11" Main Body (including Hilltamer & front wheel attachment):
   27" x 22" x 10"
Front Wheel Assembly:
Handle/Bag Support:
Price $1399 $1299 $1195


Manual Kaddies

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Each manufacturer offers a number of manual kaddies. 

Bat-Caddy offers one, MGI offers four, PowaKaddy offers three, and Lectronic offers four.

Bat-Caddy is the new kid on the block with a great low cost kaddy, the X2.  Bat-Caddy has applied the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principal to the manual kaddy.  The X2 provides a high quality power kaddy with only the essential features for only $495.

MGI offers the Compact, Laser, Lite, and SuperLite models in 4 different build optoins (Standard, Plus, Cruiser, & Remote) ranging from about $895 to $1195.  Each includes standard MGI features including low battery indicator, umbrella holder, seed/sand bottle and holder, and 24/12 month warranty:

  • MGI Compact - basic fold up model with a 21 inch wide wheelbase

  • MGI Laser - basic fold up model with a 24 inch wide wheelbase

  • MGI Lite - adds a stronger 'A frame' and front wheel suspension with 360 pivot

  • MGI SuperLite - front wheel suspension with 360 pivot and a super light weight 18lb 'A frame'

Each of the four MGI manual kaddies is offered in four different option levels:

  • Standard - infinite speed control knob with soft start and stop capability

  • Plus - adds a differential gear box for easier manouverability

  • Cruiser - adds electronic cruise control for constant speed even on up and downhill situations

  • Remote - adds a remote control with speed and stop controls (does not include turning)


PowaKaddy offers the Freeway line of manually controlled models ranging from about $700 to $900.

Lectronic offers the TS-1 and Traditional models ranging from about $550 to $900:

  • Lectronic TS-1 - basic fold up model including variable speed control

  • Lectronic TS-1 Plus - adds downhill braking resistance, larger motor, upgraded front wheel and bag support

  • Lectronic TS-1 Distance - adds touch pad controls, distance timer, and rear stabilizing wheel

  • Lectronic DynaSteer Traditional - this is the same as the DynaSteer remote control kaddy but doesn't include the remote control, the remote control can be added at a later time

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