Lectronic DynaSteer 2000

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Traditional (no remote) w/ Hilltamer $929


Lectronic Dyna Steer w/ Hilltamer $1195


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Compare with MGI Navigator & PowaKaddy RoboKaddy

The Lectronic Kaddy Remote Controlled DynaSteer is the most successful of it's type ever manufactured. 

When manually controlled, the vehicle's control panel allows touch-activated speed control, braking and distance selection.

Advanced features include a unique keyless security system to protect your investment.


The patented "Kaddy-Link" remote control system allows control of all vehicle dynamics from up to 150 yards away. Speed control, braking and unsurpassed responsive turning can all be achieved simply at the touch of a button.


The "Hilltamer" rear stabilizing wheel is yet one more example of the Lectronic Kaddy's innovative design features. Ingenious, spring loaded mechanisms provide maximum stability over all terrain types.


Dyna-Steer comes complete with superior sealed, lead acid battery and specially designed battery charger for dependability and long life.

Includes a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

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