As an Authorized Instructor of Homer Kelley's classic text The Golfing Machine the philosophy for my instruction is based on the concept of "Golf Stroke Engineering". It is a philosophy based on the belief that there is not a single golf swing for every golfer. Every golfer has a unique body type and set of physical characteristics. It is the job of the instructor to analyze the golfers current motion, identify the incompatible variations, and assemble a swing that best suits the individual.

There are only three imperatives in the golf swing:  club head lag, a straight plane line, and a flat left wrist at impact.  If you can achieve the three imperatives you can play great golf.

If you have watched the PGA tour you already know there are many golf swings that will produce tour quality results. Tour players are a perfect illustration of the fact that many swing variations are not only acceptable but produce great results.  The reason being is that these swings all conform to the three imperatives.

There are 24 components in every golf swing, each of which has multiple variations. For example, the action of the left wrist is a component and there are seven possible variations for its action. There are two left wrist actions that are optimal for two different swing types. Other wrist actions are acceptable as well when incorporated with other compatible component variations.

Some component variations are compatible and many are not. The origin of an inconsistent poor golf swing can always be traced to a set of incompatible component variations. The key to a consistent repeating swing and an enjoyable game is assembling a set of compatible component variations into your swing.

This is the point where quality instruction is key. It is the instructors responsibility to understand and identify components and their variations. Every golfer ventures down a path of discovery and self improvement. Many times it is the wrong path and never yields real improvement. A qualified instructor can define and guide you down a path to better, more consistent, and enjoyable golf.

As an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine I will analyze your swing via your current 24 component variations, identify incompatible variations, incorporate compatible variations, and improve your golf game.

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