I am proud to be one of less than 300 world wide Authorized Instructors of The Golfing Machine. Although The Golfing Machine may not get a lot of press, the fraternity of authorized instructors and players includes many nationally recognized top 100 instructors and PGA professionals. Instructors include Ben Doyle, Chuck Cook, Martin Hall, and Ron Gring. PGA players include Steve Elkington and Bobby Clampett.

I offer a unique approach to golf instruction.  First, my instruction is based on Homer Kelley's unparalleled scientific study of the golf swing based on the laws of physics and motion.  Second, every lesson includes video and computer analysis.  Third, I provide each student with a personalized web diary of their lessons and progress (see sample).  

“I have followed the teachings of this book and the principals that Homer Kelley developed and made them an integral part of my teaching program. I have found The Golfing Machine principals to be the truest form of instruction and the most practical application for teaching the game of golf.”
         Martin Hall
         PGA Teaching Professional
         Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers of The Year (2003)

“Many have associated me with introducing The Golfing Machine to the golf world in the late 70’s. It was the foundation for my golf game throughout my professional career and remains so today, even in my retirement from the PGA Tour. I support the new owner’s goals of continuing Mr. Kelley’s vision to make The Golfing Machine the standard from which all golf instruction is taught and for implementing a plan to raise the bar of golf instruction worldwide for generations to come.”
         Bobby Clampett
         CBS/TNT Sports Golf Broadcaster and Analyst

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